Kabir Sakhi

Kabir has used ‘Sakhi’ to explain policy, behavior, unity, equality, knowledge, and quietness. The use of the Doha verse in…

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Pandava and Supach Sudarshana

The end of Dwapar era and the time of Kaliyuga started. After two hundred and thirty years of Kaliyuga, Shri…

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Dwarikapuri and Sea Revenge

The temple of Dwarika puri was made by king Jagat Singh. Thus this temple is known as Jagat Mandir too….

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Bedi Hanuman Temple

To the west of Jagannath Puri temple, a small temple of “Daria Mahavir”is situated on the sea site, dedicated to…


The Mystery of Jagannath Puri Temple

“Yog jeet Kabir ” was one of the seven incarnations of the “Supreme God” (Satpurush). In every age, people are incarnated to…


Kabir’s Childhood Mazic

Once a muslim from the city of Kashi came to house of Niru Ali and said “kill Kabir either,or we…


Attentive Pleasing Distortions

Often in prayer gatherings, devotees pray to the people, saying that God is “eradicating the subject disorder, Hey god remove…

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The God of Kabir Das

Master Ramanand of Kabir named him ‘Ram’ in the form of a guru. According to the master disciple tradition, unless…


Sant Kabir Das Biography

पाठकों की सुविधा के लिये ब्लॉग को पहले अंग्रेज़ी व अंत में हिंदी अनुवाद के साथ प्रस्तुत किया है (In…


Origin of loi devi

At one time Kabir was walking along the river Ganga. When he walking he saw a grotto. He reached the…

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