The Unaware mystery of the Mahabharata- Part 3

Story ahead of part 2 continue….. To learn the weapon of Gangeya- Parasuram was very pleased to hear this….

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The Unaware mystery of the Mahabharata- Part 2

The end of Tripurasur by Shankar- Shankar made charioteer to complete the firing to kill Tripurasur. The sun and the…


The Unaware mystery of the Mahabharata Part-1

In this blog, we will disclose the unaware mystery of the Mahabharata. इस ब्लॉग में, हम महाभारत के अनजान रहस्य…


Mahabharata Law of law?

It is important to know that the war of Mahabharata was the law of law or there were other reasons…


How to control the mind

The mind acts like an enemy for those who do not control it. Knowing the information in the body of…

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Abstract of Bhagwat Gita

Man does not read “Bhagwat Geeta” until it becomes known that he as well as all living beings in this…


Path of righteousness

O deluded mind! Give up your lust to amass wealth. Give up such desires from your mind and take up…

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Meditation power

In meditation, the divine power (soul) resides in all the living beings of this world equally. When the teacher or…

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Element Master

The task of the element Master is to give knowledge.  Knowledge means understanding the abstract and unassuming and than recognizing…

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World is a fantasy

In Yoga Vashishta Ramayana, there was the talk of enlightenment between Shri Ram and Guru Vasishta. Vashistha proved Rama’s curiosity…