Types of devotion

Kabir Sahib said that there are two types of devotional are existing in this world which names are “Saguna” and…

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Baghel Dynasty

Kabir came to Gujarat, India. They wanted that the people of Baghel descent should be carried forward by ‘King Sulang’….

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Pandava and Supach Sudarshana

The end of Dwapar era and the time of Kaliyuga started. After two hundred and thirty years of Kaliyuga, Shri…

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Questionable Question

Once Lord Rishabhdev was doing religious discussion in court with his hundred sons. Muni, the wise, the scientist, the scholar,…


Kabir Butt Tree

In the state of Gujarat, there is a city named Bharuch along the river Narmada. On there, King Baliraja performed…

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Kabir’s Bhandara

  Once the Brahmins held a meeting in the Kasi Nagar and there was concern about the growing difference in…

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Shekh Farida’s Sacrifice and penance

This is a real story of Sekh Farida’s sacrifice and penance. There was a boy named Sheikh Farida. When he…

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Unique Teacher Deciples Dialog

Swamy Ramanand used to sit in mental worship in solitary confinement, he did not worship idols. His daily rule was…

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Kabir Chieldhood Secreats

There were 1484 disciples coming to the place named Kabir Chaura in Banaras. A siddha man should see some character…

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52 Punishments to Kabir

Seeing the exploits of Kabir, Emperor Sikandar treated him as Guru Pir (Empire Master). Many afraid people from Kabir, who…

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