Body squeezed mind emerge

The mind is called the ability of the brain, which enables man to think in thought, power, remembrance, judgment power,…

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Satguru’s Majesty

All presently available instruments are not capable of delivering salvation to the soul. Selfishness is hidden behind the prevalence of…

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Obstacle in searching for God

We worship by means of “Saguna or Nirguna devotion” to search for God. Whatever our soul wants to discover the…

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Satguru and True way

If you look at the present devotees and try to choose any devotion for your welfare, there are huge difficulties…

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The world is in the hands of Demonic Force?

Are we in the hands of any demonic force? So intelligent man is not able to contemplate on this. Is…


Chanting Glory

A devotee who believed in God used to do the butcher’s work for the family observance. He did not like…

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God’s existence

A man went to a barber shop for haircut. Often people are waiting for their turn to such stores, and…

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Child’s Insistence

There was a boy in England where he got information about heaven from somewhere that there are a great enjoyment…

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Kind grace

One day a farmer’s bull fell into the well. Due to not getting out of the well, he was shouting…

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Great Personality

Saint Kabir had been a leading and fearless truth-seeker of medieval times, who guided the people for a long time….

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