Kabir Converted To Idol

How Kabir Converted To Idol ?  once he came through Shukla pilgrimage. After meeting with Ramananda ( Spritual Master of…

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Where is Supreme God

God is supreme power, it is not a person. So you will not find him out somewhere. Whenever you try,…

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What is Soul, Anyway?

What is the soul? The soul is a pure consciousness. The soul is auspicious. The soul is meditation. In the…


Truth beyond legend.

Satguru Kabir lived in Kasi Nagar”Varanasi” for one hundred and twenty years and started a Kabir cult and did many…

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Subject & Disorder

To know the physical form information, situation and origin  of five material elements  in whole body,  like about presence of…

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Element Knowledge

When the soul embraces Prana (Life), then it becomes a creature. When the Prana finished  then it becomes a soul….

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Self Contemplation

We all know the value of money that without all spheres of life we get very trouble without money and…

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Kabir view on Soul

KABIR’S VIEW All of us know the value of money because we get very trouble without money, so we consider…

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