Chanting Glory

A devotee who believed in God used to do the butcher’s work for the family observance. He did not like…

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God’s existence

A man went to a barber shop for haircut. Often people are waiting for their turn to such stores, and…

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Child’s Insistence

There was a boy in England where he got information about heaven from somewhere that there are a great enjoyment…

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Kind grace

One day a farmer’s bull fell into the well. Due to not getting out of the well, he was shouting…

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Great Personality

Saint Kabir had been a leading and fearless truth-seeker of medieval times, who guided the people for a long time….

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A king was very fair, religious and so much careful about his people of the kingdom. He used to help…

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Kabir’s Unique Dialog

Sadguru Satyalok resident Satpurush, in the form of Sant Kabir, descended on a lotus flower in Varanasi lake. Listening to…

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Enlightenment Lesson

The soul is a pure consciousness. The soul is the beginning. The soul is meditation. The proof is also found…


Kabir Converted To Idol

How Kabir Converted To Idol ?  once he came through Shukla pilgrimage. After meeting with Ramananda ( Spritual Master of…

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Where is Supreme God

God is supreme power, it is not a person. So you will not find him out somewhere. Whenever you try,…

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