Mahabharata Law of law?

It is important to know that the war of Mahabharata was the law of law or there were other reasons…


Abstract of Bhagwat Gita

Man does not read “Bhagwat Geeta” until it becomes known that he as well as all living beings in this…


Path of righteousness

O deluded mind! Give up your lust to amass wealth. Give up such desires from your mind and take up…

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World is a fantasy

In Yoga Vashishta Ramayana, there was the talk of enlightenment between Shri Ram and Guru Vasishta. Vashistha proved Rama’s curiosity…


Devilish power

Kabir Ji said that this creature is a very dangerous and strong devilish power, whose name is MUNN (The generator…

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Importance of friendship

Friendship is a precious bond that needs our life and our right too. Therefore, we must always keep ourselves in…

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People’s catagory

In this world, we often find four types of people. First, there are people who deny the existence of God….

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After Die?

Once a curious person asked Kabir  that the human body is lying here in the end and its soul gets…

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Manu scripts

Though the story of Rama was told in Sanskrit verse many centuries earlier by Valmiki, Tulasidas in his epic recounts…