Enlightenment Lesson

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The soul is a pure consciousness. The soul is the beginning. The soul is meditation. The proof is also found in spiritual books..

One day King Janak thought that everything was received in this world but the knowledge of the soul was not found anywhere? King Janak said from the people of state that can someone give me the knowledge of the soul in a moment?.  An assembly of teachers, scholars, great sages was called.

Ashtavakra got up and said, I will fulfill your desire and also give you knowledge of soul and enlightenment in a moment. Ashtavakra  was a revered Vedic sage in Hindusm. His name literally means ” eight bends” reflecting the eight physical handicaps he was born with.  This story is also mentioned in the Bhagwat Gita.

Ashtavakra said that O Raza Janak, if you  want the knowledge of the soul, then dedicate your body, mind and wealth to me. The king said that I have given you my body, mind and wealth by now. I have given you all.

Ashtavakra said, “From today, your mind, body and wealth has become mine and said from today this time, You are mine. Do not you think that you have family wife ,child, brother, sister, mother, father, a house, neighbors or relatives.You gave me all yours and you are completely mine. It is nothing from you. This body and its whole material are mine.  King Janak said its okay.

Hey father, your wealth is also mine i.e Money, diamonds, gems, army, castle, empire etc. It is not yours now. King Janak said, alright. I dedicate all this to you.

Ashtavakra said, Father, beware that now you will not think of anything from this mind too because your mind has also been mine. I commanded you to not remember any oath or resolution. You are not allowed to do any action of any resolution from this mind. Look at what’s left in you now?

The King Janak closed his eyes and peeps inside to him and said, you have given me the knowledge of the soul today. I got the knowledge of the soul.

Here the question arises that if Ashtavakra removed his soul from King Janak and showed that?  O father,this is your soul? Then there should be three people there? The King, King’s sprit and one witness too?  Therefore there is no seer of this soul. These senses can not see this soul. Because the soul is beyond the limits.  What is left after everything is gone in the body is the soul. Therefore all the scriptures are saying to do meditation, He is asking for practicing meditation. Why they are saying to  practice meditate- medicate?,  because when we are concentrated then this soul has ability to perform all activities without eyes, without nose, without ears, without mouth and without body. It has ability to work on all of these body parts, if the meditation becomes concentrated. This is the time a person can knows himself. Therefore, if the mind does not concentrate, it desires to keep the meditation confused all the time.

In holy Gita, Lord Krishna told to Arjuna, you are not body, you are a soul. The body is Arjuna not the soul.  Many names have already been done before your body, but the soul is the same. Which never dies, can never be destroyed. Yet it can see from all directions, Arjuna can not hear the ears of this soul, without the ears, it can hear from all directions. Hey Arjuna, this is not the soul’s feet, but still walks from all directions. The realization of spiritual wisdom was given to to Arjuna in holy Gita by Lord Krishna.

Therefore, to attain enlightenment, O Arjuna, you should take control of your mind. This implies that we are contemplating within us. This is not a soul too; the soul is beyond the option of resolution.

That which we remember is that it is to work, that is to do the work, it is not a soul too. Whatever physical actions we perform everyday, this is not a soul too.Even this is a mind. It is confused. Everything is missing; there is something to do, so the soul has become busy. Having the body of the soul is that it is a feeling of the mind.

As there is an empty pitcher, there is a void inside it, Gone The new one was there because the zeroes spread after the blade broke out, and it remained the same. Similarly the soul is present everywhere. The spirit is stable while the mind is unstable. The soul is experiencing the body due to its existence. Therefore, the creatures are four and a half hours resolved. The alternative keeps moving.It is a play of the mind.In the moment, even for a moment, the creature is not leaving free. Thus, this mind keeps this soul confusing at all times.

Have you noticed when a baby cries, the mother gives him a toy to distributing his attention and the baby stops crying? Mother gave her a toy and removed her attention from the original and said something like that.

For example, it is not known that we also have any mind; the Goddess of life is an indestructible, consciousness, execution, easy and happy always, It is like that, due to the false pleasures of the world, it has been tied up like a monkey tied a fist inside the food and that the fungus goes there. Thus this soul is bound. It is false, but it seems to be true even now. The spirit has assumed this body with ignorance, it has kept hold of it, and otherwise no one can hold the soul. Such monkey does.

In this way this body and its entire machinery are not leaving us free for a moment. It is feared that if enlightenment is done then what work will be left to me?

Angel preached Narhari



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