First Egg Or Chicken

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First egg or chicken?

It has become such a question that even bigger intellectuals can keep thinking for two minutes. The answer is sure but it does not go away. There is definitely no scent in his mind. It can’t be satisfied by answering it with complete confidence. 

As long as the person does not dive deeper into the depths of the knowledge of the origin, he can not even find the answer to this question. To be correct in answering the question, it is necessary to accept the person’s soul, heart and mind full acceptance of the answers coming out.

Assuming that there was nothing at first, but there was definitely someone who made this creation, yes it is possible that even though he created only one thing and then he became a lot of things from that object. Suppose if there was no more, then how the sky, the air, the fire, the sky came from?

It often comes to the children’s mind and he even asks his parents about this matter, but it happens that without solving his curiosity, without giving him the correct answer, we lure him away because we also have confusion about the right answer. 

The intelligent person who measured the depths of the ocean, went into space, did not find the answer to a small question. This question has troubled people for thousands of years but scientists have claimed to find almost close to half answer to this question. 

A team of scientists from Sheffield and Warwick University has claimed that the chicken was born before the egg on the earth because the protein that found in the egg makes the hen itself in the stomach.

According to the Daily Express, the report has not been told in the report that how the eggs that originated in the egg first came. Whatever the case, the roaming point came back to the same spot. But much so that it was discovered that the first one was definitely alive.

Now, after arriving here, the question arises that if someone was alive then what was he doing there alone? was there anyone else with him? I do not understand the question of being someone else because there would be only one on them. So we can say that he was single and had been inactive in the dormant state. If there was action, something would have been created. 

Sant Kabir stated that Knowledge and ignorance are two words. Knowledge means knowing and ignorance means not knowing like day and night, light and dark. we can detect any object in the light that the seeing object is this thing. On the contrary, we could not understand the fact in the dark. In another way, we can say that knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness.

That is, first of all, that ignorance must have been in darkness. Scientists have also concealed the origin of the Universe that “dark matter is the origin of the universe”.

This proves that the first was the darkness, and the one who was the first, he was alone in ignorance. 

Spirituality and Vedic science have also fully exposed this mystery and agreed. Until a person has no knowledge, then he is in ignorance only in one way. That is, the art of going from knowledge to ignorance leads to light from darkness. 

Science is silent at this time. Silence is also natural because of not believe in spirituality. Although the science has been very advanced till date, it has not been able to find out how the oyster makes rainwater as pearls, how to make a musk-like aroma that fragrances doesn’t last for longer periods, etc. 

It is so certain that when he was there, there was nothing else when he would have seen a light in knowledge after having long in the state of ignorance, then he would have expanded that light, The quality of light itself is that it spreads. In the light, it may have seen its shadow, and the sensation should also have been born that I am in it that which is visible in my shadow. 

Understanding this, it has not been delayed so that I have not shadowed. But in the meanwhile, there was a phenomenon arising for a moment, which is called ignorance i.e. darkness.

According to the spirituality, any creature once who comes to knowledge does not like to go to ignorance again because there is happiness in the knowledge, not indulgence. Whereas on the other side, fear, Disorders such as ego exist.

If you are in a place where there is absolute darkness and you are not able to see anything, then you will become fearful that you may bump into anything. You will not be able to decide what will be the next step, even after you have not seen the way before. You will increase the next step in doubt and you will get hurt. You will suffer from injury. That is, ultimately you have to suffer from ignorance. 

Let see the opposite, all the things are clearly visible to you and you don’t want any support. You will not get any trouble and without any help, you will be able to walk on the safe path and you will not have sorrow.

In the same way when the first living creature was in darkness and ignorance, which we call “the owner of all” It is also said that knowledge arose, light emerged from that knowledge.

Due to the light coming out of the light, to show light to the living person, the light generated from the light, and the happier he blessed.

That light gave it a little extension, that is to say. Like we toss the water of the pond with both hands, like this, he also lighted that light, so many light points were created, and they were destroyed in the same way as if they sprinkled water, they would fall back and get back in the water.  But a light point, which was still in the air, before falling, prayed that my existence should be maintained.

Knowing the prayer, seeing the person praying, he showed his reflection in that light and a doubt created for some time that either I am this or that. It was not late in knowing that in the state of knowledge, the other shape that is visible is my shadow. 

He accepted the prayer of the light object and said that your existence will remain the same, but do not forget that your existence is because of me. The one who shines in all lives is the only. Which is called the soul. which is the spirit of spirituality. The light point was later called Brahma, Allah, Jesus in various religious texts. 

It was as if we were ignorant of seeing water and calling it three different stages i.e ice, steam and water with different names. In fact, all are the same one. Hence we can say that hen come before the egg.

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