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Culturally, the boundaries of ancient India were spread far and wide in the world. India has not made any political attack, but for the cultural Digvijay expedition, Indian Manisha went to the world. Perhaps that is why the symbols of Indian culture and civilization are found in most countries of the world.Today we are telling you where our ancient cultural India was and where the religions that were born in India reached the world.

The emergence of Aryan culture in Iran 2000 AD It happened when Aryan reached Iran via the route of the Bluechain and preached its civilization and culture there. The name of this country was named Aryan in his name. In 644 AD, Arabs invaded Iran and won it.

In the first century, a Brahmin called Kondiniya established the Arya culture in IndochinaVietnam’s old name was Champa. Champa founded in the second century was the main center of Indian culture. Here the Chamis people had to embrace Indian religion, language and civilization.In the first century, courageous Indians reached Malaysia and introduced the inhabitants to Indian civilization and culture.

In Calcutta, Shaiva, Vaishnava and Buddhism became prevalent in Malaysia. Free of British slavery in 1948, it became a sovereign state.Indonesia was once a prosperous state of India. Today, despite the fact that Indonesia is a Muslim majority, people here are associated with Hindu deities through traditions.Afghanistan 350 B.C. was a part of India. After the advent of Islam in the seventh century, Afghanistan gradually became politically and later culturally separated from India.Until recently, Nepal used to be the only Hindu nation in the world. Its integration was done by Gorka King in 1769 AD. In the past it has often been a part of the nation of India. In ancient times Bhutan was known as Bhadra Desh. The Indo-Bhutan Treaty was formed on August 8, 1949, due to which it became the identity of the independent ruling BhutanThe mention of Tibet comes from the name of Trianthap in our texts. Here the propaganda of Buddhism began in the fourth century. Tibet was in the cultural influence area of ‚Äč‚Äčancient India. The ancient name of Sri Lanka was Tamraparni. Sri Lanka was the main organ of India. Portuguese in 1505, Dutch in 1606, and British in 1795, in 1899. In 1935, the British separated Lanka from India.

According to the pilgrims of Arakan, the first king here was a prince of Varanasi. The British got the right to Burma in 1852. In 1937, it was separated from India. Before August 15, 1947, Pakistan was a part of India.Bangladesh was also an organ of India before August 15, 1947. After the partition of India, it became separated from India as Eastern Pakistan. In 1971, it was separated from Pakistan and became an independent country.Apart from these, Buddhism has a major influence in China, Japan, Mongolia, Laos, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, South Korea and North Korea in many countries of the world. The special thing is that today Buddhism is the world’s second largest religion and this religion is born in the year BC. It was in India in the sixth century.Sanatan Dharma is a religion in which no one is required to say that our religion is the best that will not accept our religion and will pen its head.

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