Kabir Converted To Idol

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How Kabir Converted To Idol ?  once he came through Shukla pilgrimage. After meeting with Ramananda ( Spritual Master of Kabir), he moved to Totagiri place with change his posture. There he arrived at Swami Ramanuj’s place.  There was a lot of consistency in the hermitage, so the food was being cooked in the hermitage’s kitchen. Before the dinner was served, the accompaniment was told him to sit in the line.Swami Ramanuj said to Ramananda,  disciples of four cast and characters are present here and it is objectionable according to rules and regulation. So you please go and sit separately.

Upon hearing this, he sat separately from the line and started thinking that Kabir was disrespectful to me because of making a disciple, If Kabir was with me today; I would not have been disrespectful.

The voice of Ramanand ji reached Kabir and Kabir also made a hundred format and sat in the line of accompaniment, no one could identify his form. Everyone was served food, but a hundred forms of Kabir did not even eat food, but  a teacher recognized him.

Acharya told to Ramanuj that Ramanand  has made Kabir his disciple, but you have serve the food to all his hundred deciples. Swami Ramanuj saw that suddenly the ninety nine forms disappeared  and only one form remained. When he reached near, he saw that the form of Kabir has now become an idol. He was very upset about Ramanand  disrespect and apologized.

The statue of Kabir is still present on that place . Even today, thousands of people come to see that idol.

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