Kabir’s Warning Couplets

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Sant Kabir was a great revolutionary saint. He has given a lively description of his personal experiences on many aspects of life in couplets. His warning couplets provide a clear and true vision of spirituality. Even after centuries, his couplets are read by the seekers from across the globe.

आये है तो जायेगा, राजा रंक फकीर
ऐक सिंहासन चढ़ि चले, ऐक बांधे जंजीर।

One who has come will go, the king, the poor, the beggar
the virtuous will go sitting on the throne, while others would go bound with the chain.

आज कहै मैं काल भजू, काल कहै फिर काल
आज काल के करत ही, औसर जासी चाल।

I say I will pray tomorrow. Tomorrow I say tomorrow again
lost in today and tomorrow, the opportunity is gone.

अच्छे दिन पाछे गये, हरि सो किया ना हेत
अब पछितावा क्या करै, चिड़िया चुगि गयी खेत।

The foolish does not see with the eyes, nor does he hear with ears
the hairs have whitened but he remains totally ignorant.

उॅचा मंदिर मेरिया, चूना कलि घुलाय
ऐकहि हरि के नाम बिन, जादि तादि पर लै जाय।

The good days have gone but you did not love the God
What use it is to repent now when the birds have pecked the field.

उजल पहिने कापड़ा, पान सुपारी खाये
कबीर हरि की भक्ति बिन, बंघा जम पुर जाये।

People live in their pride by wearing white cloth and eating betel betel nut in their mouth. Kabir says that one day without devotion to God; the death will take us away.

ऐक दिन ऐसा होयेगा, सब सो परै बिछोह
राजा राना राव रंक, साबधान क्यो नहिं होये।

A day will come when we will be separated from all
The king, general, rich and the poor, why don’t they become cautious.

ऐक बुंद ते सब किया, नर नारी का नाम
सो तु अंतर खोजि लैय, सकल बियापक राम।

Every being is made with a single drop, has given the name of male and female
Go and seek the difference if you can in the omnipresence of Ram.

कबीर कुनवा तो ऐक है, पनिहारिन बहुतेक
पानी ऐक का ऐक है, दिखै घड़ा अनेक।

Sant Kabir, there is only one well, many draw its water
The water is also one, but the pitchers makes it look like many.

कबीर गर्व ना किजीये, देहि देखि सुरंग
बिछुरै पै मेला नहीं, ज्यों केचुली भुजंग।

Kabir says never pride yourself, seeing the good colour of your body
Once separated you will never get it back just like the slough of a snake.

कबीर गर्व ना किजीये, काल गहे कर केश
ना जानो कित मारि है, क्या घर क्या परदेश।

Kabir says never be in vanity, the death has seized your hair
No one knows where you will die in your house or abroad.

कबीर नौबत आपनी, दिन दस लेहु बजाये
येह पुर पत्तन येह गली, बहुरि ना देखी आये।

Kabir says this is your drum, beat it for ten days
This place, the house, the town and street,you will not return to see it again.

कबीर मनुवा मोर है, संसै रुपी संप
खाया पिया पचि गया, अंतर परगट आप।

Kabir says the mind is a peacock, the doubts are like snake
When all that was eaten and drunk is digested, God appears inside.

कहा किया हम आये के, कहा करेंगे जाय
ईट के भये ना उॅठ के, चले मूल गबाये।

What I have done by coming, what will I do by going away
Neither becoming of here nor of there, I am going after having lost my root.
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