examples of Karma: Putting money in a church collection plate and coming home to find some money you had forgotten you had. A coworker steals a cell phone and later on the cell phone is stolen from him. While driving along at a speed below the speed limit, you notice someone riding your bumper.

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Happiness is my goal

Once a frustrated women asks Sant Kabir that I have heard that life is happy by meditating and enjoys immense…


Sant Kabir Advice

Kabir’s philosophical tenets were extremely simple. He was known as the guiding spirit of the Bhakti Movement. He preached Bhakti…

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Inspiring Couplets of Sant Kabir

Sant Kabir was a great revolutionary saint. He has vividly described his experiences on many aspects of life in his…


Nature’s Gift

The people of the village were very religious. Most of them women and men used to go to the temple…

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Body alarm

God has composed this body very beautifully. He has also arranged for an alarm clock in the body so that…

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Kabir’s Warning Couplets

Sant Kabir was a great revolutionary saint. He has given a lively description of his personal experiences on many aspects…

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Beggar become a true donor

Once upon a time a King saw a poor man Brahman begging in the way. The King asked the Minister…

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The Unaware mystery of Mahabharata Part- 7

Story ahead of part 6 continue….. To call a saint, King Yudhisthir sent his younger brother Bhim to Kashi….


The Unaware mystery of Mahabharata Part- 6

Story ahead of part 5 continue….. Krishna’s policy for victory of Pandava in the war of Mahabharata – To…