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We all know the value of money that without all spheres of life I get very trouble without money and we need the money, so we consider its importance very well, then only to earn it, night day every best efforts  But we do not know the importance of self-realization that it is unique happiness, it is infinite, it never decreases, like money decreases. It is unique in nature but it is unique.

Whenever we move towards that piety, many obstacles arise. Is our search lacking? First of all, see what human being is doing for doing enlightenment and salvation, and is it appropriate? Whatever efforts the person is doing, he is treating him as right. He is doing yoga, he is saying that it is the best, who is doing the pilgrimage. He is saying that this is the best, one who is fulfilling the journey of temples, church, mosk so on…, he is saying that The best instrument that is doing. Yogi is saying that this is the most appropriate means that whatever point is on it, it is always considered to be eternal, should we let the means of achieving the permutations go like this?  We have to think that what is the proper way to make it easier to reach the soul and the divine. Should we remain on such beliefs?

The man has created many Gods for his own interests and selfishness and you will be able to make him a very divine person even further. The creation of these innovative new beings is the creation of the interests and interests of the human beings. We must honestly think that what is the most suitable means of achieving God and what is the final path because the one whom the person caught here has always believed him. Some people are also saying that there is nothing let’s do enjoy. It is difficult to ascertain here that what is the most suitable means of obtaining it is that people are doing many actions and deeds, this is why various and the religions have been born.

Wherever the patient goes to the doctor, He does the process to know what the disease is. The second try to know what the cause of the disease is. The third attempt is to relieve the disease.   Unless the disease is detected, how will the cure?

Similarly, if our soul is in bondage, it is important to first know that what is the bondage is the factor of how it will be lost and what is the solution. One thing that is a thing of the past is the essence of religion, Is God inside you, then what is the distraction of the outside? Kabir Sahib said Musk is in the belly of musk and he finds his fragrance out there. In this way, the place of the person of the person is everywhere and within you. you are the temple of God, the foolish people do not know.



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